Early Detection Doesn’t Save Lives

Breast cancer advocacy has hinged for decades on the idea that early detection – via screening mammography – is the key to breast cancer survival. Mammograms save lives, and questioning the value of that bumper-sticker science is not just raising a hypothesis, but a waging a sexist, classist attack on womankind.

Just look at this screencap from Mammographysaveslives.org:


Who needs citations? It says right there that these are FACTS.

Some jerk at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice was not persuaded by FACTS and decided it was time to kill some women. H. Gilbert Welch, M.D., M.P.H. and colleagues reviewed SEER data from 1975-2012 to analyze the impact of screening mammography on the size of breast cancers at diagnosis as well as track mortality trends over the same period. If screening were effective, the villains suggest, we would see a decrease in detection of large cancers over time. Continue reading “Early Detection Doesn’t Save Lives”