Seattle Genetics Bags Irinotec- Er, IMMU-132

Two billion dollars seems spendy for a repackaged chemo agent that has been on the market since 1996. It’s no secret, either; irinotecan is standard of care in colon and lung, though, weirdly, it doesn’t get prescribed a lot in breast (despite the fact that irinotecan targets TROP-2, which is commonly overexpressed in breast).

What Seattle Genetics may be banking on is the branding; this is a “new drug” for triple negative breast cancer, which is great marketing when, in reality, there is no drug that is for TNBC. IMMU-132 is an opportunity to give patients who only have access to chemo, well, more chemo. This isn’t T-DM1, which was a game-changer because it enabled the targeted delivery of a chemo agent (emtansine) that was too toxic to give on its own. IMMU-132 is more of a Doxil/doxorubicin situation. Continue reading “Seattle Genetics Bags Irinotec- Er, IMMU-132”